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System Implementation

Whatever the system Aurinia is here to partner with you and see you all the way to the finish line. These projects can be daunting and confusing. We offer an objective viewpoint to help you retain the big picture in the midst of solidifying the details. 

What To Expect

Aurinia Consulting will assist by:

  • Assistance interviewing vendor implementation team and provisioning that team with business requirement documentation to smooth sales transition

  • Optimizing communication plans and strategies between the client Project manager and the Vendor

  • Evaluating and aligning project plans, resources, and priorities

  • Best practice and business process consultation throughout the implementation

  • Issue management resolution including escalation where needed.

  • Overall project guidance based on experience.

Process Overview

Each implementation varies based on the client’s needs. There are generally three different levels of involvement with which the Aurinia consultants will engage.

Our lowest level of involvement is useful when the client can dedicate multiple resources to the project including department heads and a Project manager. In this case Aurinia can act as a project advisor, communicator for executive sponsors, business best practice advisor, and can provide major issue escalation with the vendor if needed.

Mid-level involvement is generally chosen when the client can provide their own Project manager to spearhead the team coordination and client tasks. In this case, in addition to the above assistance, Aurinia assists with project strategy, departmental process and best practice advisement, test script creation and management, issue management, and executive sponsor engagement.

At a detailed level Aurinia can act directly as the client project manager. This involves coordinating meetings and activities between the vendor and the clients’ departmental experts, facilitating system configuration meetings to ensure the clients requirements are being met, working closely with each department to align business processes with system functionality, and creating project documentation like SOP’s, process flows, and testing scripts. These activities are in addition to the already stated offerings in the low and mid-level options.

Let's Work Together

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