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Change Management

Business Systems are only effective if their users adopt them and use them. This is why we place special attention on the human aspect of System changes and implementations. Aurinia's team is Certified in ProSci Change Management methodology with an emphasis on ADKAR. 

What To Expect

Aurinia Consulting will assist by:

  • Evaluating the project’s change risk

  • Creating a tailored change management plan to align with the project plan

  • Conducting change management training at the executive, manager, and end user levels

  • Consistent and measured resistance valuation and reporting

  • Creation and implementation of barrier management and communication plans

  • Regular change check ins with team members and executive reporting

Process Overview

Throughout the years Aurinia has recognized that every system project has a human element that cannot be overlooked. It is possible to have a flawless ERP implementation and still fail due to low adoption rates among the end users. After all, what good is a system if no one will use it? To this end Aurinia consultants are certified in the ProSci Change Management methodology. This certification ensures a structured and measurable approach to the people’s side of change.

Aurinia is able to leverage ProSci’s extensive market research and tools to evaluate a projects change risk and impacted areas, create change management plans with measurable and reportable outcomes, and advise on leading best practices for mitigating change resistance. Aurinia has developed training material for executives, people managers, and end users that facilitates change awareness and a proactive approach to encouraging adoption of the change from the very beginning of a project.

Let's Work Together

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