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What We Do

Of all the essential tools a business need to be successful, a unified software system is often underappreciated. We meet companies that began their journey with a solid product, a simple accounting software, and (everyone's favorite) Excel.


At some point it becomes clear that piecing together company data between spreadsheets, email, and that one employee that knows all the answers, is inefficient and riddled with risk.  


Whatever the reason, you are now at the point of deciding which software or cloud system will be able to best meet the needs of your business. A web-search for ERP, PLM, or CRM software, will leave you with hundreds of options to choose from, and the top results that pay to maximize their search presence (SEO) may not actually be the best solution for what you need. This is where we come in. 

Leveraging Our Expertise

At Aurinia, we use our industry ERP expertise to help you determine whether that big name ERP solution is worth the cost, or if you may be significantly better off with a smaller provider that didn't show up in your search. Among other aspects, we help you determine: 

  • What is the cost effectiveness (and how does it compare)?

  • Can the system do what you need it to do?

  • How difficult is it to use, train, and implement?

  • What alternative options are available?

  • How can you ensure this will be the right decision 5 years down the line?

Our goal is to help you find the BEST solution for YOUR business. 

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