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System Optimization

Business Systems are complex. Many times Clients begin to question the limitations of their business systems as they grow, change processes, or face upgrades. It can be difficult to ascertain what needs to change to remove barriers or unlock functionality to support an ever changing business. We partner with you to align goals, processes, and systems to push for a roadmap of continuous improvement. 


What To Expect

Aurinia Consulting will assist by:

  • Conducting a full evaluation of business processes and current system functionality

  • Creating a gap analysis to highlight major pain points and their root causes.

  • Facilitating a solution-oriented strategy and presenting the client with their options and our recommendations

Process Overview

System optimization is an offering that can be used in a variety of circumstances. One circumstance is that of a client who is frustrated with their current ERP solution and would like to evaluate the option of optimizing said solution for unused functionality, configuration updates, and/or addons that increase efficiency in specific areas. In this case Aurinia begins with a thorough evaluation of the client’s current state. This includes business process mapping, requirements gathering, and company roadmap discussions. Aurinia then engages the ERP provider to evaluate system functionality and configuration options. This analysis results in a clear report of whether the current ERP can be optimized to fit the client needs and how to engage with the vendor to facilitate the needed changes and training. Aurinia will also provide recommendations of business process changes that may better align with the system’s functionality. It is possible that this evaluation will end with the conclusion that the current ERP will not meet the client requirements.

Another circumstance is when a client is in the middle of implementing a new ERP solution and the project is over time, over budget, and experiencing major issues. In these cases, Aurinia will conduct a similar intensive evaluation of the project and provide the client with recommendations based on our gap analysis. Aurinia will also engage with the system vendor to adjust the project plan, strategize on solutions and priorities, and escalate issue resolution.

Let's Work Together

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