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System Selection

Most clients begin their systems search in Google. Perhaps you heard of another company in the industry moving to a new CRM? or you saw a commercial from one of the big ERP companies. What that Google search will tell you is that there is a huge amount of information and hundreds of options. This particular purchase is a bit more complicated than buying a car. 

What To Expect:

Aurinia Consulting will assist by:

  • Determining your business' specific needs and requirements

  • Conducting intensive research to determine viable candidate systems.

  • Providing a list of viable candidate systems

  • Helping you narrow down chosen candidate systems.

  • Coordinating demonstrations of candidate systems with their providers

  • Helping you evaluate whether candidate systems will meet your business' long-term goals

Process Overview:

During a business system selection Aurinia Consulting will partner with the client to fully evaluate business needs and requirements, conduct intensive research to provide the client with a list of viable candidate systems, and walk the client through the process of narrowing down those candidates to reach a well vetted decision.

Aurinia begins by mapping current state business processes. These maps inform the creation of a business requirements document (RFP) that is delivered to a wide range of vendors to begin a preliminary fit discussion. Aurinia will also take into account the client’s future goals as a company to ensure the selected system will grow with the client and remain relevant for years to come.

Once the RFP (Request for Proposal) is complete, Aurinia leverages years of experience and contacts in the field to research the first pass vendor list. Aurinia is, and will always remain, software agnostic. This means we do not make any commissions or bonuses from software sales and will not pressure the client to choose a vendor for our benefit. Aurinia will begin the initial contacts, calls, and scoping discussions with these vendors to prepare them for filling out the RFP.


Aurinia will coordinate the retrieval of the initial RFPs and build the client a comparison document with a fully weighted score. From here the client can begin to narrow down the list of solutions to 4 or 5 for short demonstrations. Once the initial demonstrations have concluded the vendor list is narrowed down even further for long scripted demonstrations that follow “A Day in the Life” of the client. These scripts are documented and allow for client feedback which is then added to the comparison documentation.

Throughout the process Aurinia will provide industry experience, documentation, and project support. The goal is to facilitate a relevant comparison that exposes needed functionality thoroughly and to the client’s satisfaction, so they can feel confident in an investment that should last 5 to 20 years.

Let's Work Together

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