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Business Systems Consulting

Helping you find the right ERP solution for your business

Finding the BEST ERP Solutions
YOUR Business

Aurinia Consulting Group has been serving businesses in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for over 20 years. We provide enterprise software consulting within the manufacturing and distribution industries in North America. By leveraging our ERP expertise, hands-on industry experience, and proven methodology, we have helped our clients to complete more than 100 system implementations, utilizing more than 40 unique software and cloud solutions.

YOUR Choice -Provider Agnostic

When we say we are provider agnostic, we mean it! We do not accept perks from any software company, nor will we ever try to "sell" our clients on a particular solution. Our job is to help you find and/or optimize the ideal software solution to meet your unique business requirements.   

What Our Clients Say

Engineers at work

Jewett Cameron Company

Brittany- You have provided us a calm, objective "guiding star" and along the way, while very direct (as you should have been) in your guidance, you were continually perceived by our team as highly collaborative, engaging... and kind.

Client 2

Sandy saved our business... Any other questions? 

Scratch and Peck Feeds

This is how I feel about ERP... Until Brittany walks in the room. 

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